Conference Venue

Hosei University (Koganei Campus)

Address: Kajino-cho 3-7-2, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184-8584

The campus is situated between Tama and Ichigaya, and could be considered as the center of the Musashino area. The wooded areas are reminiscent of the Musashino forests from a bygone age and they provide a unique learning environment. In addition to the South Building, the West Building, newly completed in 2000, is well equipped with the latest in technological equipment to meet the gmultimediah needs of Information Technology as well as those of scientific research.

JR Line
  • Chuo Line: 21 minutes on the Rapid Express from Shinjuku Station to Higashi Koganei Station, then a 15 minute walk
  • Take the bus headed for "Musashi Koganei Station" from Higashi Koganei Station and get off at the "Hosei University (Hosei Daigaku)" bus stop.


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